Friday, 31 March 2017

"Dora" Movie Review

Dora, do you know the meaning of the title ,simply The God's gift.That's o.kay with the title but how far has it been justified with its making,let's have a look into it.It's part of  Nayanatara's spree of heroine bashing all it proved through some movies like Maya.Dora too based on horror concept with a reasonable mix of sentiment and comedy.Thambi Ramaiah has gone overboard to make people laugh.Far away from convincing when it comes to sequences between the father and daughter.

In fact,these kind of flicks have already been there to cite in Telugu such as Karu diddina kapuram etc.,being a car haunted to have finished some villains for a greater good.Nayantara perhaps is in the spell of super loner to shoulder entire film as Vijaya Santhi fared once upon a time.The dog turns a vengeful Atma to get in to a car to kill the baddies.That what the story line in nutshell.Rest is nothing but patches to the story.Some times It's convincing and sometimes boring.

Horror might not frighten you.Violence appeal is a bit more to say.BGM becomes an added asset at times.Nayantara is getting not much sexy for reasons unknown.Suspense keeps people to stick the seats and second half is not gripping comparatively. Debutant director Doss Ramasamy tried his best and would be better as time progresses.