Friday, 31 March 2017

"Dora" Movie Review

Dora, do you know the meaning of the title ,simply The God's gift.That's o.kay with the title but how far has it been justified with its making,let's have a look into it.It's part of  Nayanatara's spree of heroine bashing all it proved through some movies like Maya.Dora too based on horror concept with a reasonable mix of sentiment and comedy.Thambi Ramaiah has gone overboard to make people laugh.Far away from convincing when it comes to sequences between the father and daughter.

In fact,these kind of flicks have already been there to cite in Telugu such as Karu diddina kapuram etc.,being a car haunted to have finished some villains for a greater good.Nayantara perhaps is in the spell of super loner to shoulder entire film as Vijaya Santhi fared once upon a time.The dog turns a vengeful Atma to get in to a car to kill the baddies.That what the story line in nutshell.Rest is nothing but patches to the story.Some times It's convincing and sometimes boring.

Horror might not frighten you.Violence appeal is a bit more to say.BGM becomes an added asset at times.Nayantara is getting not much sexy for reasons unknown.Suspense keeps people to stick the seats and second half is not gripping comparatively. Debutant director Doss Ramasamy tried his best and would be better as time progresses.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

What makes "Dangal" Super hit..?

As of now, Dangal movie is going strong by having collected 349.65 Cr at its eighteenth day of release.Repeated audience is the backbone for any super hit movie.No doubt,Dangal never have failed in this parameter.Story line was simple and the way it conceived on the screen is praiseworthy.Casting played a vital role,because the girls who played the roles of Geeta and Babita quote apt for the roles.The youthful innocence and mischief clearly reflected in their faces.Wrestling story already got a hit in the form of Sultan before this movie.But narration differed in this picture ,that's why a feel fresh experienced common cine goer liked it.In addition,girl child empowerment mixed so cleverly though it was purely autobiographical flick.

The resounding success of the movie opened new layers about life drama pics.Amir Khan as a veteran wrestler and father justified to the core.Some dialogues in the picture heavily hit the inner core of the human heart.With no loudness and unnecessary things Dangal drew  people repeatedly.Music is apt to the tone of the picture.Fighting composer deserves standing ovation indeed.A doting experience in the history of Indian Cinema.Nitin Tiwari (Director) and his team have done great job.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

M.S.Dhoni : An Untold Story

The Biopic is not so easy to transform into movie,because already the person should have been a famous one and with his own stories around him got the equal spreaded news.Similarities with actual person is another angle.The main actor Sushant Singh Rajput surely to be said as maximum achieved with his looks and manners possible.Anecdotes chosen for the film are well suited and the family members Anupam Kher,Bhumika Chawla and the mother character did their best as good as real ones at the most.The real locations of railway quarters supported the ambiance,thanks for the director for realising its importance.

Both Disha Patani and Kiara Advani performed up to the expected,not only that some real characters like Sachin and other ones were seen with face not to be seen shots.Background score was superb with judicious limits.However,the supporting actors enacted as his friends were also given good preference,yes,every great person has his own band of loving ones behind him,else it was incomplete.

I don't care how much it collected from the audiences although there were bulletins about the collections,undoubtedly Director Neeraj Pandey and his crew came out with a dedicated flick loving the making of picture in a festive mood.Altogether a real life tribute to the legend Dhoni who represented a number of small town aspirants of Cricket.

Monday, 12 September 2016

" Inkokkadu" Movie Review

"Inkokkadu" a Telugu dubbing version of Tamil "Irumugam" ,starred by Vikram,Nayanatara,Nitya Menon and so on.Vikram is no way smaller than a big hero of any Telugu hero though he did indescript characters in Telugu movies before attaining stardom.How far he fared by this movie is a debatable question.With queer and interesting get ups ,Vikram achieved laurels through his past flicks,but this time that magic no where to be felt either in Transgender or in Raw agent character.The picture altogether sounds like a third rate Hollywood detective one in terms of conceiving the plot.

Nayanatara tried her best to show her best part of sexy figure and Nitya Menon is there to assist as a co-agent.Why Malaysia is being taken as a back drop just like Kabali movie did the same..!?Transgender character does not evoke any interest as our Jabardast programme of ETV presents number of such characters every day,in fact,it bored a lot.Even the theme of the drug and its anecdotes so superficial to belive.

Harris Jayaraj scored well.But songs are not catchy.Camera work helped the movie with eye feasting angles of beauty.If you are not a watcher of English pictures,some scenes could make you sense ,else,no enthusiasm at all,you can guess turning points of the story so easily.For example,Nayanatara's amnesia and its timely cure to help the protagonist.

---Jai Jagannadh

Thursday, 28 July 2016

"Kabali" movie review

Kabali, perhaps the most hyped movie basically made in Tamil with its own backdrop of conflicts in Malasia.The story has been connected to the Tamils' plights and a heroic saga of a common man that turned in to a gang war.Dubbing versions say it's about Indians.Well...That's really needed to strike the local chord.Maybe,the flick could be a blockbuster in Tamil but other versions are doubted to be on par with the original one.First two or three days,due to huge hype,witnessed beelines at the theaters but after that scene has been changed and tickets are available so easily.

This is the situation in the Telugu states.It's rare being printed an eulogized  cinema news on the first page of Eenadu news paper,that happened with this movie.One can not guess what prompted to do so,but that was the height of publicizing of the flick.Reports say Hindi version was lagging behind.Concerned the movie,It's almost a regular formula movie with slight differences in the matter of conceiving the production.Rajini mesmerized in some shots but he was getting into old age audience could feel it.

Heroine Radhika Apte is average,Chinese looking villain and his gang is something novel to see.Photography should be said as the real great work.With that,the fighting scenes,landscapes and other shots went to another level.Mario Puzo's classic The God Father would be recalled in many shots with localizing skill of the director.It's not your fault if you would recall many scenes of God Father.

Background score was apt to the movie genre. No songs, particularly to enhance the mood of cinematic romance.Receiving news from every corner that the movie was getting huge  collections.Day wise and week wise collections are being come out to trigger the hype and we have to see the complete result after the time of at least a month.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

" Sultan" Movie Review

Sultan, the Hindi flick whether it has been created on the biography of some wrestler or someone else,we don't know, but it has become a big topic now since the movie fared very well at the box office. When googled,which proved that there was no wrestler by  the name but the fictional character taking from the state of Haryana is the indication of the good sense of the movie mind behind it.Because most of the legendary wrestlers . of India hailed from the state.

Both Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma got meaty characters.And they have performed befittingly, there were two shades or prominent difference for both the artists.Before and after marriage.In the second part,playing rather matured ones with the incidents happened that triggered melancholy in their lives,convinced and justified.Even the picture seemed bigger in length,one got hardly boring. This one sense of visual mood is enough to say that a picture would be going to become a smashing hit.

O.Kay , fights invoke adrenaline in each of its scenes.Both lead players worked hard to their last drop of sweat.But we should not conclude that only action scenes contributed a lot in the picture's success.The melodrama pulled off in a great way.The shadowy days of hero and heroines ,after the interval,were portrayed in a heart touching manner.We can see the audience letting out with tearful eyes and heavy sighs.

Friday, 1 July 2016

"Bicchagadu" (Telugu) Movie Review

Recently a latest news rounds around the cine circles that Bicchagadu dubbing picture placed the number one position leaving all straight Telugu flicks behind by collecting 18 crores with the budget of  Rs.50 lakh only.In the 2016,this is a jolting break for Vijay Antony and a real time to rethink in the field of Tollywood.What on earth made it to go such heights of success.Purely story and its innovative narration.That's it.No glittering costumes or big clan heroes or heroine oomphs.One must remember it,Especially our so called pseudo and egoistic heroes and other movie makers.

The pictures with good stories and with a little good message are the need of hour.Se,this Bicchagadu movie,there was a humane message embedded in the movie.Surely one would think for a while about plights of the beggar in the street after watching this movie,with such a moving spirit,the picture was made.That's the language of the heart,without having that spirit,however lavishly you made films,audience never care because your foolish budget doesn't make sense and it's your assholeness in simple.

Who want some hundrends of movies with bullshit for a year.Quality does matter not quantity.Telugu industry wake up from your deep slumber of babudom culture in the field of   creative peddle.Whole India is laughing at us,come out and see.Bichagadu is the harbinger,try to have new ideas or give a chance who have that instead of focusing on caste and region based politics.
                                                                         -Jai Jagannad

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Vizianagaram glimpses

Vizianagaram is a city located in the region of north coastal area of Andhra pradesh.It has a hundreds of years of hoary past with its royal sheen and their patronage of fine arts.His Highness Vijayarama Raju contributed  a lot for the welfare of  city right from 17 th century.Gurajada Appa Rao( 1862-1915),the legend progressive writer had created the unforgettable Telugu Play "Kanya Sulkam" here at the behest of Maharaja.It was remained as a all time hit and the dialogues  used in the play were spread among the masses as idioms.The theme considered to be against the atrocities on female children,they were sold to older age grooms in those days.

Gurajada had been considered as a man of foresight through his several patriotic songs,stories and drama.He was treated as the first short story writer of Telugu language.Common people stood as main characters in his writings.He worked as the diwan of erstwhile Maharaja.Vizianagaram is famous for its music college too.Most of the stalwart singers like Ghantasala,P.Suseela and instrumentalists came here to study the music.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Yandamuri Strikes again

An indelible signature of Yandamuri Veerendranath in the niche of contemporary Telugu novel is always be there with staunch admiring readers base.All his acclaimed novels now got printed as a single set for his die hard readers.72 novels in a lone pack.Published by Navasahiti publishers and also available with,the telugu's online shoppe for books. Price: Rs.6095/- and discount price is Rs.5485/- (limited time offer)

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Buddhist Historical Monument in Salihundam

The Buddhist monument above is located at the village of Salihundam which is the part of Srikakulam district of Andhrapradesh.The site was first rediscovered by Sri Gidugu Venkata Rama Murthy in 1919.He was a well known lexicon and fought for reforms in the language of Telugu in tune of layman to understand his own language at its  best.Today is his birthday.Well..let's come to the history of the site.In and around of this Salihundam village one can see number of dilapidated monuments of Buddhist dharma.Relic caskets,stupas,chaitya grihas and other structures came to light when excavation took place here.

The name of Salihundam derived from the words of Salivatika (Rice emporium) and Salyapetica (A box of bones).The word had twisted to present form in the course of time.The structures are believed to be built in the time of 2 BC to 12 AD.Belonged to the traditions of Theravada,Mahayana and Vajrayana.

The village with these sites Salihundam is just 16 k.m. from the Srikakulam districht head quarter of Andhra Pradesh.One of the nine coastal districts of this state.Located in the extreme north eastern side in the state.